From butter and cheese to milk powder and whey protein, our dairy products and ingredients are consumed by families all around the world.
Thanks to our global team of farmers, processors, traders, as well as the thousands of dairy cows on our farms, we have established a business that thrives on producing quality ingredients that meet international food safety standards, as well as multiple consumer trends without compromising on nutrition, taste or functionality.

We offer a full range of dairy ingredients across Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and Asia to manufacturers and consumers.

  • Powders – Whole milk, skimmed milk and butter milk powders
  • Fat products – Butter, anhydrous milk fat and butter blends
  • Cheese – Hard, semi-hard and soft cheese, analogue cheese
  • Whey and milk derivatives – Sweet whey, demineralised whey, de-lactosed whey
  • Milk and whey protein concentrates, permeates and lactose

In Uruguay, our subsidiary NZFSU manages 36 dairy farms, with around 66,000 cows. Here we produce high quality raw milk which we process into milk powder and other dairy products. 

In Russia, there are 13,600 cows in our herd which produces 44 million litres of milk per year in a state-of-art-facilities. We also grow feed across 76,000 hectares of fields to support our animals. 

In Johor, Malaysia, our manufacturing facility produces high quality fat-filled milk powder. It has the capacity to produce 23,000 tonnes of functional ingredients each year.

Olam is also the second largest shareholder in Open Country Dairy, New Zealand, which processes 900 million litres of milk annually, producing about 135,000 tonnes of full cream milk powder and cheese.