Future Leaders Programme


A customized development journey structured to explore your potential within your business/functional stream. It immerses you into the operations from day one ensuring your learning experience is relevant, practical, and hands-on working with experts on the field.

There are two distinct phases:

  • Phase I Corporate Onboarding: Corporate Onboarding: A leaning zone - formalexposure to all aspects of the business to accelerate your knowledge on the Olam wayof doing business, who we are, what we do and how we operate. Field Rotations &Business Unit Rotations: hands-on exposures across business models/geographies,mentored by a senior leader, designed to fast track your knowledge of the business/function. You will go through Supply Chain, Upstream, Midstream, Downstream along with Trading and Functional (HR, Risk, Finance etc.) aspects of the business.
  • Phase II Field Rotations & Business Unit Rotations: You will be assigned two independent projects of 3 months duration each with clear responsibilities to deliver. You will be closely mentored by a senior leader and supported by an HR Partner during this phase. We’re committed to getting this right!

We’re committed to getting this right!

  • Credentials and experience are important at Olam. We seek post-graduate qualifications from Leading business schools globally with 2-5 years of experience is sales, supply chain, business management.
  • Do you have the entrepreneurial spirit, willingness to stretch, take risks, and an appetite to learn in new environments? This is a must!
  • Mobility is important. A career in Olam is strengthened with multi-location experience including emerging economies.
  • Working in Olam isn’t a 9-5 job!

Can you visualize this for yourself? Act as an entrepreneur within the large Olam framework. Exercise initiative, conceptualize and implement business models. Be responsible for key parts of the supply chain from procurement, sales, funding, risk management, and / or people.

The successful candidate will join the global future leader’s management programme of Olam, which will provide structured learning in various modules within various value chain elements such as Origination, Supply chain, Trading, Midstream and downstream in different countries across the globe. After successfully completing the programme, the candidate will be part of a Global Talent Pool and assigned Commercial management role for country of Origin or where the company has operations.

Cohesive exposure in managing day to day operations of the Business for a specific location in the country. This will primarily include rocurement, processing, quality, risk management, import and exports and people management. It is a well-rounded role that acts as first level of management control on the business and provides the experience of managing the commercial operations of the large business location independently.

Location: Worldwide (ASIA, AFRICA, Europe, LATAM)

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